Farewell Remark by VC of Far Western University-Jai Raj Awasthi


Prof. Dr. Jai Raj Awasthi

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Dear all, 

I am completing my four-year tenure of the VC of Far-western University  today. At this juncture, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to one and all in and outside of the university who unconditionally lent their hands of cooperation to me in my endeavour during these years to establish a new university.

It was really a unique experience of pain and pleasure together. A Vice Chancellor with no office and no assistant to begin with. I took my university in my bagpack for nearly six months, however I made future plans of the university, and budgeted them all alone then.But today, when I flashback to the university's growth , I am proud to mention that within a short period of two years and nine months, since the first senate meeting of the university was held, we have been able to start 18 undergraduate programs including civil engineering and IT. Similarly, we have also been able to run 8 graduate programs including TESOL. 

We have acquired 12 bighahas of land and proposal of acquiring 64 more bighahas of land at Punarbas to run agriculture and natural resources related programs is underway. In order to spread the university in all the districts of Far Western Region, the university senate has passed the proposal of making 15 community campuses its constituent campuses.A bill to this effect has been prepared and submitted to the Ministry of Education. 

The construction of the university's administrative as well as civil engineering and IT blocks are underway after the completion of its management block.

The university has recently made 83 faculty and staff permanent upon the recommendation of the University Service Commission. This has added strength to the university. 

I would like to express my gratitude to all the people of Far Western Region for trusting me to bear this responsibility. Similarly, I record the contribution and cooperation of my colleagues, too many to name here of international repute, who helped us to design curricula, train teachers and supply materials. Without their contribution, I could not have even dreamt of launching any academic program there.

I especially mention the materials and human resource support as well as human development support of the US Embassy in Nepal and the State Department in Washington to the university. In the same vein, I appreciate the materials and human resource support of Cambridge University Press,Oxford University Press as well as Routledge Publication.

My discussions with colleagues from other universities helped me to clear some ideas I often got stuck in. My regular consultations with Prof Dr Kailash Nath Pyakurayal, my senior and experienced academician and Vice Chancellor of Agriculture and Forestry University , helped me to further my ideas. I am truly grateful to you, sir.

I firmly believe that I had discharged my duties most honestly and earnestly keeping my entire attention to the growth and development of the university. However, I appreciate the cooperation extended to me by my team members, in whatever way it was possible. Particularly, the Registrar of the university, Prof Dr Hem Raj Pant, with whom I shared an apartment and kitchen and discussed every matter now and then, used his management expertise to regulate finance where as the Deans Prof Dr Narad Awasthi, Dr Tek Raj Pant ( former dean),Dr Bhawani Chand Thakuri, and Ms Bharati Joshi geared up academics. 

Nonetheless, Mr Kumar Thapa , the Controller of Examinations, pioneered the Examinations operation. The University Service Commission Chair, Prof Dr Bhima Raj Adhikari and member Dr Bhupendra Bist left no stone unturned to make the staff and and faculty permanent. I thank you all today. I also record the cooperation of all the staff and faculty members, including the heads of departments for the successful launching of the academic programs. I salute you all!!

It will be injustice if I do not record the untiring and unfailing support of my staff members to gear up the university. I will ever cherish your " hunxa sir" gesture in very difficult circumstances, too. I will really miss you guys!!!!

I will miss all the students whom I personally met in the class and saw them so eager to learn and grow. Keep your spirit up friends and you will ever be proud of your university and its heritage.

I appreciate the incessant cooperation extended to me by all the former chairs and committee members of Siddhanath Multiple Campus Management Committee, former Campus chiefs, faculty and staff of SMC, leaders of all political parties, their fraternity organisations, student unions, civil society members, media houses, district administration,and building construction committee members.

The university will ever record the credit of all the people who struggled so hard for so many years to bring the university to their doorsteps. I salute you all!!!!!! 

I have left the university in the hands of my team members with the hope that they will further lead the university with their vision, mission and expertise to make it " a world class university."

The only thing that pinches me today is that I am not with you all in person to say good bye folks , you did marvellous job, keep it up for the university!

I record my gratitude to Rajendra Chand sir, Chalaune sir and Saud sir of Kailali Multiple Campus, who came all the way to the airport with flower bouquets to see me off. You made me so emotional that I could not hold tears. Thank you colleagues for your solidarity.

Above all, my family members who supported me morally to discharge my duties are more than thankful!

Thank you everyone again. I will miss you all! May Pashupatinath bless us all!