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Enrollment Campaign Ensuring Participation and Quality Education Attainment for All Children

March 29, 2024
Enrollment Campaign Ensuring Participation and Quality Education Attainment for All Children

The Education and Human Resource Development Center has instructed to conduct the student enrollment campaign for the academic session 2081. This campaign aims to ensure the participation of all children in school and guarantee quality education.

Following this directive, all local bodies, education development and coordination units, and schools are tasked with conducting the enrollment campaign, focusing on the inclusive statement to ensure the participation of every child.

Various programs are outlined to be implemented under this campaign, including enrolling all school-age children and upholding their fundamental educational rights.

Local bodies are instructed to spearhead the enrollment campaign, schools to execute the campaign, and education development and coordination units to offer necessary coordination and support.

To boost participation in the campaign and foster a conducive learning environment, individuals from diverse sectors, including public figures, artists, politicians, civil society members, journalists, school management committees, teachers, parent-teacher associations, children's clubs, high-achieving students, mothers' groups, and active education sector organizations, are urged to contribute.

Schools are directed to commence enrollment and welcome programs from the first week of Baisakh and regular educational activities from the second week, targeting all out-of-school children within the relevant age group.

Given the availability of textbooks for the academic session 2080 since Chaitra 15, 2080, schools are instructed to distribute books to enrolled students for the new academic session in the first week of Baisakh, 2081.

Furthermore, schools are encouraged to disseminate enrollment information to parents within their catchment area via various communication channels such as telephone, internet, radio, television, and social media.

A provision is made for appointing a contact person responsible for reaching out to parents of children without guardians and providing ongoing educational support. Individuals aiding such children in their studies should also be duly identified, respected, and recorded.

Community learning centers gather data on out-of-school children and facilitate their school enrollment through coordination and promotion efforts.

It is specified that schools should submit reports, including details of enrolled children by age group, to the local bodies for consolidation, and the regional bodies should forward the comprehensive enrollment campaign report to the relevant authority. Units are required to submit the extensive campaign report to the center by Jestha 15, 2081.



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