CIAA filed charge sheet against Purbanchal University officials



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Today CIAA filed charge sheet against Purbanchal University officials. CIAA was investigating when a complaint filed in CIAA against the officials of Purbanchal University for misappropriating and exploiting the University fund for personal purpose

CIAA told in the press statement that they have carried an investigation  which disclosed that total of 10 officials namely, the Former Vice- Chancellors; Jagat Bahadur K.C and Prof. Dr Ramawatar Yadav , Former Registrar; Bhegendra Prasad Upadhyaya and Sandesh Prasad Koirala, Former Dean; Khemraj Kaini and Prof. Dr Pradeep raj Pradhan, Former Chief Accountant Bhupendra Prasad Khanal, Senior officer Narayan Prasad Dhakal, Administrative officer Sukesh karna of Purwanchal University and Instrument and Chemicals P. Ltd misused, misappropriated and embezzled the University fund allocated for Lab furniture and Lab Equipment for attaining illegal benefits thus, committing crime as defined in sec 17 of Prevention of Corruption Act 2059.

In the light of this a charge sheet was filed today against these accused in accordance to the Prevention of Corruption Act 2059, claiming a total of Rs. 12118134.88 (One Crore Twenty One Lakh Eighteen Thousand One Hundred Rupees) fine and maximum punishment as per the Act. Furthermore CIAA has claimed for additional punishment for special class officials including Vice Chancellor as per Sec 24 of the same Act.