CDC changes curriculum of 15 optional subjects of Grade 9 and 10



Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education, Curriculum Development Centre,Bhaktapur has changed the curriculum of 15 optional subjects of Grades  9 and 10. 

However, the new curriculum of Grade IX will be implemented from the academic session 2018/19 and Grade X from 2019/20,” said Khubi Ram Adhikari, information officer and deputy director at Curriculum Development Centre.

Curriculum of optional subjects of secondary level hasn't been changed for the last 15 years. “Last year we changed the curriculum of compulsory subjects of Grade 9 and 10 and implemented them later this year,” Adhikari informed.

Curriculum of Optional English, Geography, Environment, Population and Health, Civics, Sociology, Maithili, Population, Environment Science, Computer, Education, Journalism, Health and Physical Education, Photography, Fine Art and Audit have been changed. “We need a year's time to publish textbooks as per the changed curriculum so we are not in a position to implement the new curriculum in the coming academic session,” he added.