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16 Community Schools Restructured in Rukum West Rural Municipality

April 16, 2024
16 Community Schools Restructured in Rukum West Rural Municipality
KMC Lalitpur

Sanibheri Rural Municipality in Rukum West has undertaken a significant restructuring of its education sector in order to adapt to the changing demographics and optimize resources. A decision made during the recent Rural Municipality Council meeting has resulted in the reorganization of 16 community schools across the region.

The move comes in response to a decline in student enrollment, prompting authorities to streamline operations and reallocate resources effectively. Pahal Singh Gharti, the spokesperson for Sanibheri Rural Municipality, revealed that the council has endorsed plans to adjust levels and classes in 15 schools while expanding branches in one.

Among the notable adjustments, Bal Kalyan Basic School and Kalika Basic School have seen branch expansions, while Shital Secondary School, Bal Jyoti Secondary School, Suryodaya Secondary School and Jana Jyoti Secondary School have witnessed reductions in classes from Grades 11 and 12 to Grade 10.

Furthermore, four secondary schools have been downsized to basic levels, including Bheri Secondary School, Janapriya Secondary School, Saraswati Secondary School, and Shiva Secondary School.

Previously, Bheri Secondary School offered education up to Grade 12, while the other three schools provided education up to Grade 10. Now, according to the Rural Municipality spokesperson, education will only be conducted up to Grade 8 in these schools.

To strengthen early education, three basic schools have been designated as initial education centers, with classes from Grades 1 to 5 reduced to Grade 3 in four basic schools.

Bhupal Singh Bisht, heading the Education, Youth, and Sports Section, shared insights into the decision-making process, emphasizing considerations such as student numbers, physical infrastructure, teacher allocation, and distance between schools. These factors have guided the municipality's efforts to reorganize schools and align educational levels effectively.

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