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11th Graders at RAI School, Share Their CBSE Experiences


April 21, 2021
KMC Lalitpur

Schooling has become a complex institution in the modern world. While it was only about access to education a few decades earlier, education today needs to meet the demands of the complex world and train students to be productive individuals fit to compete in the same world. Education today is not only expected to provide students with learning opportunities but also help them tap into their inner potential and mold their personalities in unique ways.

Students in the modern world have set expectations and are more aware of the outcomes they want out of their school education. The experiences shared by the three students studying in Grade 11 at RAI School tell us not only that are they clear about their expectations but are also able enough to analyze them objectively. They shared their unadulterated views on curriculum, teaching-learning methodology, approaches adopted by the board, and personal experiences.

RAI School is a renowned institution that has incorporated the CBSE curriculum. The school caters to students from Grade 1 till Grade 12. CBSE, an Indian school board, has been in existence in Nepal for decades, and students at RAI give a first-hand account of the overall philosophy as well as the methodology that the board follows. 

From curriculum to examination process they share it all. CBSE curriculum as described by all three students is moderately tough. 11th graders today do not just aspire for academic excellence. Ms. Alisha Middye, believes that the curriculum based on the National Curriculum Framework 2005 of India provides them with opportunities beyond academic excellence, and all three agree that the curriculum has mostly helped them explore their inner potential and made them more self-aware. This understanding of self-awareness among students reflects the quality of education provided in educational institutions, homes, and elsewhere.

Ms. Shiwangi Sharma, finds herself more confident compared to students from other boards, especially in expressing her ideas, and believes they are better represented on international platforms under CBSE. 

CBSE boasts of providing a wholesome growth opportunity to students. The students attest to this and express that the curriculum not only supports their academic rigor but at the same time focuses on physical development, personality building, and creative engagements. This has helped them identify their true potential. Art-integrated projects and ECA such as futsal, basketball, indoor swimming pool, wall climbing, table tennis, and karate are what all three cite as some of the examples of how incorporative the curriculum and school administration is.

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One of the developments of the modern education systems is John Dewey's student-centric philosophy. Considered the father of progressive education, Dewey emphasized that students should be at the center of any education system. Modern-day education has evolved around the same belief. A student-friendly curriculum is at the core of CBSE. All three students from RAI distinguish their curriculum from others on that same basis. Elaborating on how it puts less pressure on them, Ms. Middye explained how it provides room for their personal development. This, in combination with the supportive and cooperative nature of the teaching faculty at RAI, according to Ms. Pokhrel, is a perfect blend for wholesome education that almost every educational institutions boast but does not necessarily deliver. Ms. Pokhrel, an aspiring pilot-in-the-making, not only stated that the board had one of the most reputed teaching practices, but its evaluation process was also fair. The most uniform take on the school's philosophy and its impact on the students was that the school environment had been a platform for confidence building for these 11th graders. Along with confidence building, the students also shared that it helped with their communication skills and their interaction with their community. 

Ms. Middye, an aspiring doctor, believes CBSE to be her best option as the international standard of education makes applications and admission to the best universities an achievable goal. Besides that, she admires how CBSE has helped her build her presentation skills, a much-needed tool to achieve her goal. She can see clearly her aspirations materializing with the right kind of guidance both the school and the curriculum offer.

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The students share that their time at the School has been nothing but wholesome. The major highlights, as per their experience, have been the accommodating environment and cooperative faculty. Besides that, they also shared that the state-of-the-art facilities at RAI have been one of the best aspects of their schooling experience there.

As per these students, CBSE never fails to make students a part of their major decisions as reflected by the 30% reduction made in the syllabus in the aftermath of COVID-19 as per students’ suggestion. The decision was taken after an online meeting conducted by the Indian Education Minister with the students. All three are also particularly enthused with the initiative ‘Mann ki Baat’ led by Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, which gives them a larger platform to make their voices heard.

Under the board, internal examinations are classified into three categories; Periodic tests, a half-yearly exam, and a final exam. Similarly, the board examination is also classified into three, a Periodic test, a half-yearly exam, and the final exam conducted by CBSE conducted at the Kendriya Vidhyalaya inside the premises of the Indian Embassy. The schools affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in Nepal evaluate the papers of internal examination in respective schools by respective subject teachers. However, the answer papers of the board examination are sent back to India for evaluation. The Board results are declared within 45 days to facilitate admission into colleges and universities and ensure a smooth transition with timely results. 

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