FAQ: Medical Education Commission

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Can students who have completed Diploma course directly study medical courses like BNS, BDS without entrance examination?

No. As per the rule of the Medical Education Commission (MEC), it is mandatory for all Nepali and Foreign students to pass the Common Entrance Examination conducted by the Commission (MECEE) to be eligible to study any medical course administered by the MEC. 

What is the admission process after the Medical Education Commission entrance exam?

As soon as the Medical Education Commission publishes the results of the common entrance, the admission process begins. The merit list is created purely on the basis of entrance exam scores.

Similarly, since the candidates have already selected the institutions and programs in their applications, admission will be based on a match between the information provided in the application and the rank on the merit list. The merit list will be matched to the institution and courses until all seats are filled.

However, due to a variety of factors, some medical college seats may still remain unfilled. A wrap-up session will be held in this case, during which the remaining students on the merit list will be assigned to the institutions and courses for which they applied.  This brings the admissions process to an end. 

Students are assigned to institutions and courses based on their grades on the merit list, which is generated automatically. Admission will be made exclusively on the basis of the students' grades. In contrast to prior years, there is no need to visit the colleges for the application process or to pay the fee. As a result, there is no room for bias or manipulation.

The medical education council has set the fees for all of the programs. Students will be required to pay a third of the fee at the university, which will then assign students to the appropriate medical institutes.

What is the online matching process and how does it work?

Detailed information on Online Matching is covered by our blog. Please follow the link: https://edusanjal.com/blog/online-matching-process-after-cee-examination/.

Do I need to clear the Common Entrance Examination (CEE) to pursue medical degrees abroad?

Yes. It is mandatory to pass MECEE for every student who wants to pursue medical degrees abroad.

Can I get admissions in MBBS in Nepal after giving NEET?

The Medical Education Commission has proposed two options. The first is a situation in which students exclusively attend the Common Entrance Examination in Nepal via international quota and pass the test. The second situation is where students have passed the entrance exams in their home countries and apply for admission in Nepal.

Yes, an Indian student who has passed the NEET exam can apply for MBBS in Nepal through the commission's application process.

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