Nepal Robotics Championship

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2013-10-02 - 2013-10-02

Covered Hall, Dashrath Stadium

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Robotics Association of Nepal and Karkhana Pvt Ltd are organizing Yantra 2.0, their third national robotics championship in Nepal. The Yantra competition has become the premier robotic competition in Nepal. Yantra 1.0 attracted over 100 participants from 20 engineering colleges.

In second national robotics competition titled “Yantra GRC Techkriti” the two winners of the event were sent to IIT Kanpur to compete against teams from 7 countries, and they made Nepal proud by placing 2nd and 3rd.

Yantra 2.0 expands on this success in three ways. First, it will include participants from a more engineering colleges, including those outside the Kathmandu Valley. Second, it will draw teams from schools (class 7-10), and +2 colleges. Third, the organizers are partnering with a wider range of media to enhance awareness of robotics and the competition.

There are three segments of the compeittion

Event Date: 2nd October 2013 /16th Ashwin 2070 

Registration Details:

Normal registration     :: NRs. 3,000 per segment (17th August to 16th September 2013)

Late registration             :: NRs. 5,000  per segment  (17th September to 26th September 2013)


MISSION NEPAL  :::   NRs. 1,00,000 worth of Prize

“Mission Nepal” is the main robotics championship organized by Robotics Association of Nepal and Karkhana Pvt. Ltd. under the title Yantra 2.0. This competition is open to all the engineering as well as non-engineering students and robotics hobbyist.

Please go through the Game Theme for details of the MISSION NEPAL competition.

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ROBO AKHADA   :::   NRs. 30,000 worth of Prize

Robo-Akhada is a robotic version of sumo wrestling. It is a competition where robots fight each other. The competitors will have to create a robot that can outwit the opponent out of the game field. In Robo-Akhada brains is more important than brawn.

Please go through the Game Theme for the detail of the ROBO AKHADA competition.

Please click here for Registration


ROBO RACER   :::   NRs. 30,000 worth of prize

ROBO RACER is the autonomous line tracking robotics competition. Participants need to make an automatic robot that tracks the white line in the black surface. The robots will be competing in the pre-defined random path.

Please go through the Game Theme for the detail of ROBO RACER.

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