NCIT Job Fair 2019

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2019-09-13 - 2019-09-13

NCIT Premises, Balkumari

Nepal College of Information Technology (NCIT), Civil Department is going to conduct "NCIT Job Fair 2019" on  13th of September 2019 in NCIT premises, Balkumari, Lalitpur from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM.

The college is conducting a Job Placement Fair for bachelors completed/Final Year Students at our college on September 13, 2019. Students are IT Engineers, Software Engineers, Computer Engineers, Electronic and Communication Engineers, Civil Engineers and BBA graduates.

Reason to organize NCIT Job Fair 2019: 

The gap between academia and the industry has been one of the most discussed topics. As most of the students have no clue about what kind of projects (and technologies) Nepalese companies are working on. As a result, companies continue to struggle for kind of resource they are looking for simply because the majority of students do not know what to prepare for so that they are 'job ready' right after their graduation. 

This job fair is especially targeted for the students / fresh graduates or job-seekers having as their major or similar field.


To Explore The Career Opportunities 

To Provide an opportunity of Direct Interaction with the Employer from Different Organization/Industries

To Provide an Opportunities to Employer to share the Information about their Organization/Industries and meet the large volume of potential candidates at same place within few hours 

To Provide Platform for Interview 

Event Details:
Date: 13th September, 2019
Time: 10 am onwards
Venue: Nepal College of Information Technology

Niranjan Khakurel| Principal
NCIT| Balkumari Lalitpur, Nepal
Tel : +97715186354/+97715186358
Cell: 9851198517



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Nepal College of Information Technology (NCIT)Nepal College of Information Technology (NCIT)Balkumari,, Balkumari01-5186354, 01-5186358