Naulo Venture - Dumpling Sumpling Musical Fest at Liberty College

December 30, 2022 08:15
December 30, 2022 12:15
Liberty College

Naulo Venture is an organization established by the students of the BBA 7th semester at Liberty College. It is created for the simulation training of managerial skills before entering the real market. Naulo Venture has different departments like human resource, finance, marketing, operation & production and logistics which comprises the department executives from the senior semesters of BBA and BHM. This is created to implement the learned theories of management and service to enhance the managerial skills of the students.

On the occasion of the coming New Year 2023, Naulo Venture organized an event “Dumpling Sumpling Musical Festiv”.

Objectives of Naulo Venture

  • To provide the space for the students to implement the learned theoretical knowledge in a real organization setting. 
  • Enhance the marketing, financial, operational, human resource, operational and logistic knowledge.
  • To bring the stakeholders and students together and provide space to interact with each other in a positive way without the intervention of the college.
  • To learn event management skills by the students.
  • To provide entertainment to the participants. 
  • To make good relationships with students with the future prospective employer.
  • Can bring the business and community in a single platform which assures better communication between them. 
  • Utilization of CSR from organizations in college programs to initiate different events.

Program Detail

  • Objective: Practice the management process to enhance the managerial skill of the students. 
  • Venue: Liberty College, Anamnagar Kathmandu 
  • Time and date: 2 pm to 6 pm, 30th December 2022


  • Live band music
  • Great combo snacks 
  • Lucky draw
  • Dance
  • Games