National Fine Arts Exhibition 2079

April 15, 2022 04:15
May 14, 2022 10:15
Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, Sita Bhawan, Naxal
  • 01-4411645, 01-4421206

Nepal Academy of Fine Arts is holding its annual National Fine Arts Exhibition 2079 from Baisakh 02 to Baisakh 31, 2079 BS.

Nepalese artists have made a significant contribution to bringing Nepal and Nepalis on the world scene. Nepali folk art, traditional paintings, and sculptures may also be found in museums across the world. As a result, it is incumbent upon us, the youth, to promote Nepalese culture and art on a national and international level.

The academy invites all schools and colleges in the Kathmandu valley to participate in the exhibition by bringing students to see the exhibition and learn about the art. This will assist in the exhibition's continued success and inspire the academy to host such events on a more regular basis in the future.