Military Science and Technology Competition-II (MSTC-II)

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2015-03-21 - 2015-03-21

Tribhuvan Army Officers Club, Jungi Adda

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The history of technological development in Nepal is in the progressive incline. A lot of national institutes, organizations and individuals have demonstrated great potentials in developing the technological sector.

The Nepalese Army, identifying such prospects, is determined to contribute to the field of science and technology for national development. Every nation's development is directly related to its production capabilities.

Home grown products are the key to self-sustainment and it is boosted by national expertise combined with internal resources intended to produce prototypes and production line items that are cost effective and cogent. 

The problem however remains in finding the right platform for the need and the expertise to come together. The "Military Science and Technology Competition-I" organized by the Nepalese army will be such a venture. The National level competition will provide a platform to all the major stakeholders, agencies, institutes, organizations and individuals in this field and will create a working environment between the agencies and cater for the development of science and technology in Nepal.


The Military Science and Technology Competition (MSTC-II) is designed to create the opportunities that can in-corporate new ideas, and initiatives into Nepal's progressive advancement in science and technology.


>>   Create a working platform for all professionals, enthusiasts and beginners in the field of science and technology (It will not only be a competition but also an exhibition). 
>>   Create a product suitable for the Nepalese Army (Use your ingenuity to the full extent). 
>>   The selected products should have a prospect to be developed into prototypes and production line items which will be supported by the Nepalese Army.


Best Military Product: Rs. 2,00,000 
Second in Place: Rs. 50,000 
Consolation Prizes 
for Best 8 Participants:
Rs. 10,000 each

E-Registration: 22nd Mangshir to 06 Poush 2071



Contact No: 9841602028

Tribhuvan Army Officers Club, Jungi Adda, Nepal Nepal