LOCUS 2023 - 19th National Technological Festival -

January 27, 2023 04:15
January 29, 2023 11:15
IOE, Pulchowk Campus
LOCUS 2023 - 19th National Technological Festival -

Locus is an educational organization led by undergraduate students of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering, IOE, Pulchowk Campus.

Since its commencement in 2003, Locus has been an open platform for innovation to the young and enthusiastic student community from schools to colleges and universities from all around Nepal to showcase their extraordinary skills in the field of technology. Locus has grown into Nepal's largest science and technological festival. It annually organizes a national technological festival that attracts people from all domains of life encompassing students, academics, professionals, and the general public. During the festival week, the participants get to exhibit their technical prowess in front of the huge mass visiting from all over the nation. Along with that, the participants all over the nation also get to compete with each other under various specified categories as competition builds quality.

Locus organizes a plethora of events like skill-based workshops, seminars, talk shows, hackathons, contests, and various apprenticeship programs that help technoholics to mold their abilities and expertise through connectivity, competence, and a collaborative aproach. With all the humility, Locus makes its innovators land on he global stage with full confidence and proficiency.

The main exhibition is happening from tomorrow dated 13th to 15th of thus Magh. So we would like to request you to be at Pulchowk Engineering Campus to make the complete coverage of the event.