Live Session on 'Ranakalin Shiksha' and Development of Education

October 25, 2021 13:15
October 25, 2021 14:15
Live Session on 'Ranakalin Shiksha' and Development of Education

Khabar Education is organizing an online session with Mukundaraj Sharma, principal of Little Angles School and Prakriti Adhikari, journalist and author of the book Ranakalin Shiksha. In this session, the guests will address the development of education, the current situation of the education system, and the book Ranakalin Shiksha's substance and background. The book is a historical account of education during 104 years of Rana rule.

The session will be held online. Those who are interested can attend the live stream at the Khabar Education page on 8th Kartik 2078 at 7 PM.

The book was launched on September 8, International Literacy Day as Edusanjal's debut publication. The book is currently available for purchase through online stores like and major bookstores around the country. The book is available to purchase as a paperback, a hardcover, or an e-book.