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KMC Techno Fest 2022

April 01, 2022 04:15
April 01, 2022 11:15
Kathmandu Model Secondary School, Bagbazaar
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KMC Techno Fest 2022

Kathmandu Model Secondary School, Bagbazaar is going to organize KMC Techno Fest 2022: Inter College Technical Exhibition. The exhibition is going to be held on Chaitra 18, 2078 (April 1, 2022) at KMC College, Balkumari. 

KMC Techno Fest 2022 invites interested innovators and attentive observers to join us in exploring the possibilities and putting our dream concept into action.

The KMC Techno-Fest is a showcase for students' abilities. While students study science theory, they seldom get the chance to work on its applications. KMC Techno-Fest offers a variety of events for students to engage in and learn about, all of which will let creative students demonstrate their abilities.

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Event Features

  1. Robo Soccer
  2. Clash of Codes
  3. Project Demonstration
  4. Web Designing Competition
  5. Esport Tournament (Freefire)
  6. Graphic Designing