International Conference on Quality Education

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2019-08-23 - 2019-08-25

Rato Bangala School, Patan Dhoka, Patan

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 Rato Bangala Foundation and Rato Bangala School is organizing "The International Conference on Quality Education" in partnership with Ministry of Education Nepal in Patan, Lalitpur. 

The event is going to be held from 23rd to 25th August 2019. The aim of this conference is to bring school teachers, students, learners, educators and education enthusiast together to share ideas on quality education and student centered learning. 

Special theme of the conference is  "Ensuring Learner Centered Education". 

Participating Colleges (1)

Rato Bangala SchoolRato Bangala SchoolPatan Dhoka Lalitpur01-5534318, 01-5542045, -1-5522614

Participating Colleges (1)