Entrepreneurship Talk Show III by HULT at IOE

January 14, 2023 08:15
January 14, 2023 10:15
Advanced College of Engineering and Management
Entrepreneurship Talk Show III by HULT at IOE

Caught between fantastic business ideas but hazy design thinking, and vice versa? Solve it all this Saturday on the third session of ‘Entrepreneur Talk Series’.                           

Even if you have a great business idea, due to the lack of creative reasoning or incentive for implementation, the idea simply rests there before being rejected by the brain. Well, no more of that as it is exactly what Hult at IOE’s third episode, “Creating Business Idea and Design Thinking '' is going to help you prevent.

The Hult Prize, also recognized as the Nobel Prize for students, is a year-long, global competition that challenges young people to solve the most pressing issues of the world by creating innovative social ventures. This year’s theme is Redesigning Fashion and the participants are eager to learn more about it.

The third episode, “Creating Business Idea and Design Thinking” will converge on having the participants get viable ideas for the competition and introducing them to design thinking. Attending it will be particularly interesting for those who have yet to finalize their idea and need help generating the final product in order to win the competition.

The first two sessions of the ‘Entrepreneur Talk Series’ were loved by the audience. They focused on introducing the attendees to entrepreneurship and guiding them into forming their dream team. This one is also expected to draw large crowds and get a positive response from the mass.

The guest speakers for guiding the participants in this session are Nikhil Agrawal and Arun Agrawal, the founder’s of Masta Kala along with Sujit Pathak, the co-founder of Veda and Nirdesh Dwa, the CEO of Veda. Masta Kala is an establishment for catering personalized gifts where each gift item is innovatively designed considering elegance and usability. On the other hand, Veda aims to solve the schools' inefficiency to carry out daily processes and lack of adaptation of technology in schools through digitization.

Mr. Nikhil Agrawal strives to hire regional craftsmen and market regional goods to the global scale. Similarly, his partner Mr. Arun Agrawal has the best guidance which has made Masta Kala the flourishing company it is today.

Mr. Sunil Pathak was recently named as one of the most influential business leaders under 30 years old in Asia by Forbes magazine. On the other hand, Mr. Nirdesh Dwa is an MIT Bootcamp and RICE Advanced Leadership Program Alumni.  

With these professionals offering you advice, this third episode of ‘Entrepreneur Talk Series’ is sure to be a blast of useful ways to help you advance in the Hult Prize at IOE. Even if you are not participating in the Hult Prize, you can attend the event and return home with ideas about design thinking and innovative entrepreneurship.