Energy Hackathon 6.0 - LOCUS 2023

December 30, 2022 06:23
January 01, 2023 10:15
Energy Hackathon 6.0 - LOCUS 2023

Energy Hackathon is one of the pre-events of LOCUS. The event altogether will be completed in four working days. There are four themes of this event. They are:
● Demand Side management
● Energy Efficiency
● Alternative Energy
● Open Category

On the first day, various delegates from different energy sectors and research institutions give insightful talks regarding the status of the energy market in Nepal. On this day, the participants listen and brainstorm ideas that they think will help solve the energy-related problems.

The second day kicks off with a mentor-assigning session in which every participating team is provided with a choice of having a mentor assigned to their cause. On this day and the next, the participants discuss, brainstorm, and work in coordination with the mentor in order to find the optimum solution to their targeted problem

Following the preparation gap, on the final day, each participating team gives a presentation to a panel of judges and audiences showcasing their solutions followed by Q/A sessions. The judges select the idea that they think is the best one.

In this manner, the event provides an opportunity for the participants to get more involved in the energy industry sector of Nepal and observe real-world challenges, meet energy specialists and brainstorm as future analysts to generate viable solutions winning cash prizes at the same time.

NOTE: Only 4 teams will be selected from each category.
Registration Fee: Nrs.1200 (Only after the selection of registered ideas)

Apply here.