Bal Sahitya Mahotsav 2023

March 04, 2023 04:15
March 04, 2023 10:15
Rato Bangala School

Bal Sahitya Mahotsav is Nepal's first children's literature festival. It was first organized in 2015 by the Rtao Bangala Group of Institutions, which includes Rato Bangla School, Rato Bangala Foundation, and Rato Bangala Kitab. It started with the vision of creating a movement, and now, in its fifth edition, it has become one!

The purpose of Bal Sahitya Mahotsav is to foster a vibrant and joyful reading culture amongst children in Nepal and to increase parents' and teachers' awareness of the importance of reading. This importance cannot be overstated; not only do strong reading skills boost academic performance in all school areas, but a passion for books opens up a lifetime of creative engagement and opportunities. To nurture healthy reading habits culturally relevant, and appealing books should be available both at school and at home.

By encouraging a culture of reading --- through writers and illustrators as well as parents, teachers, and children. BSM will help to bridge the gap caused by a lack of access to quality Nepali literature for children.


  • To encourage children to enjoy reading and to read more extensively.
  • To raise awareness and foster commitment amongst teachers and parents so that reading is encouraged both in school and at the home.
  • To expand the number of books available for children; both ar home and at school
  • To bring the BSM to other districts in Nepal.
  • To showcase children's literature through performing arts.

Main Highlights

  • Travel to Ancient Greece and Eygpt at Plaza
  • Puppet making
  • Let the Drama Begin: Select Read Perform
  • Jailhouse Rocks!
  • Infinity Pool
  • School of Wizards with Nana's DelightsLet's Manga by Otaku Next
  • Van Doesburg Creative WorksDedication Booth
  • Book Bus
  • Paint Your Own by Roots and Shoots
  • Cartoon Corner
  • Door Prizes
  • Other Fun Activities: Skits,Book Stalls, Face Painting and Food Stalls