TSLC in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning - CTEVT

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1 year(s)3 month(s)

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The competency based and market oriented curriculum guide for refrigeration and air condition is designed to produce competent skillful refrigeration and air condition workers equipped with knowledge, skills and attitudes.

This curriculum focuses on the basic refrigeration and air condition works so as to contribute in the national streamline of the use of refrigeration and air condition equipment and repair and maintenance of refrigeration and air condition devices used in the country. At the same Time, this curriculum aims at offering ample opportunity for employment in the related sector, mainly entrepreneurship

  • To produce competent workers in refrigeration and air condition able to provide services in different community.
  • To produce such human resources through institutional training program followed by "On the job training (OJT)", having sufficient skill needed in "The World of Work". The trainees will get required experience & exposure in related subject during the course itself.
  • This program aims at producing capable workforce, who will be able to be self employed or employed as Assistant Refrigeration and Air conditioning Sub engineer or sub overseer or equivalent post in national and international refrigeration and air conditioning market. 
After completion of this course the trainees will be able to:
  • • Explain basic refrigeration and air conditioning system
  • • Install basic electrical components.
  • • Perform basic mechanical works
  • • Repair and maintain refrigeration and air conditioning system components
  • • Operate basic computer application software
  • • Create drawings in computer using appropriate software
  • • Find fault in refrigeration & air conditioning system and system components
  • • Repair and maintain faults of refrigeration & air conditioning system and components
  • • Assemble /disassemble system components
  • • Install window and split type air conditioners
  • • Familiarize with electrical, mechanical and electronic components related with refrigeration & air conditioning system 

Offering Colleges (1)