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1 year(s)3 month(s)

TSLC in Computer Application & Secretarial Management course is completed in 1 year and 3 months. The aim of the program is to produce competent workforce equipped with required skills and knowledge to undertake any clerical and secretarial profession. This program is based on the job required to be performed by an Office Secretary/Computer Operator. This curriculum deals with office system and management, secretarial functions, record management, computer application, office equipment and financial management.

The program aims to equip trainees with required underpinning skills and knowledge. The focus of the course will be on exploring areas related with office operation so as to build competency of course attendants and thus enable them to undertake their duties independently. It is hoped that after completing the course successfully they will be able to undertake any clerical and secretarial profession. 

This course is based on practical exposure in different areas as required. In every subject, topical explanations will be followed by demonstrations by instructors and
in all tasks, trainees will be asked to practice by themselves through do-it yourself/hands-on exercises so that they can internalize what they learn in the classroom. 

  • After completing this curricular program, the students will be able to:
  • Maintain the office environment and safety
  • Perform a reception work
  • Maintain records and indexes
  • Familiarize with computer applications
  • Handle email, internet and web page
  • Write letters, memoranda and notice/circulation and report
  • Assist to organize interviews, meetings, workshop and conferences
  • Handle and operate different office equipment
  • Handle accounting
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Admission criteria

Candidates will be selected on the basis of entrance examination conducted by CTEVT.

Salient features

Course Duration

This course will be completed within 15 months/62 weeks/2040 hours (1560 hours in house training + 480 hours OJT). The 3 months (480 hours) OJT will be compulsory after completing the final exam.

• Total theory hours=436
• Total practical hours= 1124
• Ratio of Theory and Practical (outreach practical only)=3:7
• On the Job Training hours= 480
• Working hours = 40 hours per week.
• Academic weeks = 52 per year

Pattern of Attendance

Every student must have minimum of 80% attendance in theory and 90% attendance in practical to appear the internal and final examination. 

Grading System

The grading system will be as follows

Grading                  overall marks
Distinction              80% or above
First division           75% to below 80%
Second division       65% to below 75%
Third division         Pass aggregate to below 65%  


The council for technical education and vocational training will award Technical School Leaving Certificate in "Computer Application and Secretarial Management" to the candidate who successfully completes the requirements as prescribed by the curriculum.

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Individuals with following criteria will be eligible for this program:

  • SLC with any grade and any GPA (Since 2072 SLC)
  • SLC appeared (Before 2072 SLC)
  • Pass entrance examination administered by CTEVT 

Curricular structure