Shuttering Carpenter


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Shuttering Carpenter is a three months (390 hours) course for Shuttering Carpenter is designed to produce employable workforce equipped with knowledge, skills and attitudes related to the occupation. 

In the curriculum, the trainees will practice skills of shuttering in the training workshop and building construction industries. Once the trainees acquired the competencies they will have ample opportunity for employment and self-employment through which they will contribute in the national streamline of poverty reduction in the country. The skills and knowledge included in this curriculum improve their knowledge and skills and make them competent shuttering carpenters needed for the occupation. The major feature of the curriculum is to incorporate the drop-out youths who have only primary level schooling experience. 

The programmme is based on the job required to be performed by a Shuttering Carpenter. Therefore, this curriculum is designed to provide knowledge and skills on erecting wooden and steel formworks related to the occupation. This course deals with Concept of shuttering, Tools and equipment needed, Elements of shuttering and Preparation of various elements. This course especially, imparts skills and knowledge on various types and patterns of formwork erections required by the structural components such as beam, slab and column. Moreover, it also provides skills on dismantlement of
erected formworks. It also includes Applied mathematics, Occupational health and safety, First aid, HIV/AIDS, Communication and Small Enterprise Development as sub modules under common module with the view to impart fundamental skills for livelihood. Trainees will practice & learn skills using typical tools, equipment, machines and materials necessary for the program. It is made mandatory that trainees should be placed in construction industries to gain hands on practice for at least 100 hours. 


The main aim of this program is to produce employable shuttering carpenters who could provide form work erecting and dismantling services in the construction industries in the country and abroad.


After completion of training the trainees will be able to:

1. Develop the concept of shuttering

2. Perform bench work related to shuttering

3. Identify and prepare various elements of shuttering

4. Perform members erection in horizontal and vertical alignment

5. Erect formwork for different foundations

6. Perform formwork erection for shear wall

7. Perform formwork erection for column, beam and slab in separately and combinable situation

8. Dismantle various types of erected formworks after used

9. Apply simple mathematical technique related occupation

10. Be familiar with First Aid and HIV/AIDS

11. Be familiar with occupational health and apply safe working technique

12. Apply Communication and Small Enterprise Development skills 

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Salient features

Duration: The total duration of this curricular program will be 390 hours [three months] 

Target group:  The target group for this training program will be all interested individuals with educational prerequisite of minimum class five pass. Preference will be given to the individuals of rural, poor, female, Dalit, Janjati, Disadvantaged Groups (DAGs) and conflict affected people

Group size:  The group size of this training program will be maximum 30, provided all necessary resources to practice the tasks/ competencies as specified in this curriculum.

Target location: The target location of this training program will be all over Nepal. 

Medium of Instruction: The medium of instruction for this training program will be Nepali or English or both. 

Pattern of attendance: Trainee should have 90% attendance during the training period to get the certificate. 

Focus of the program: This is a competency-based curriculum. This curriculum emphasizes on competency performance. 80% time is allocated for performance and remaining 20% time is for related technical knowledge. So, the main focus will be on performance of the specified competencies in the curriculum. 

Follow up suggestion

First follow up: Six months after the completion of the program
Second follow up: Six months after the completion of the first follow up
Follow up cycle: In a cycle of one year after the completion of the second follow up for five years  

Certificate requirement:  Training institute itself provides certificate of "Shuttering Carpenter" to those trainees who successfully complete all the requirements as prescribed by the curriculum.

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Entry Criteria

Individuals who meet the following criteria will be allowed to enter this curricular program:

Minimum of five class pass or equivalent

Physically and mentally fit

Minimum of 15 years of age

Should pass entrance examination 

Curricular structure

Part: A Specialized Module 

Module: 1: Shuttering Carpentry

Part: B Common Module

Sub module: 1: Applied Mathematics 

Sub module: 2: Occupational Health & Safety 
Sub module: 3: First Aid & HIV/AIDS 
Sub module: 4: Communication 
Sub module: 5 : Small Enterprise Development

Curricular of Shuttering Carpenter.pdf