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Off Season Vegetable Producer is  three months (390 hours) course developed with a purpose of preparing off season vegetable producer as a lower level technical workforce able to get employment in the country. The technical skills incorporated in this curriculum come from the field of off season vegetable production. Its contents are organized in the form of modules. So it is a tailor made curriculum with a special purpose to be implemented in a modular form.

It provides skills and knowledge necessary for off season vegetable producer as a technical worker. There will be both demonstration by trainers/instructors and opportunity by trainees to carry out the skills/tasks necessary for this level of technical workforce. Trainees will practice and
learn skills by using typical tools, materials and equipment necessary for this curricular program. 

It is a competency based curriculum. It is also designed to produce lower level technical workforce in the field of off season vegetable production equipped with skills and knowledge related to off season vegetable production in order to meet the demand of such workforce in the country so as to contribute in the national streamline of poverty reduction. 


The main aim of this curricular program is to produce skilled workforce in the field of off season vegetable production by providing training to the potential citizen of the country and link them to employment opportunities in the country. The aims of this curriculum are:

• To produce lower level technical workforce in the area of off season vegetable production
• To produce such technical workforce who will be able to serve the community and household people through the application of the off season vegetable production techniques being an entrepreneur. 


After the completion or this training program, the trainees will be able:

  1. To select site/field for off season vegetable production
  2. To manage soil and fertilizer for off season vegetable production
  3. To manage nursery for off season vegetable production
  4. To apply off season vegetable production technology
  5. To produce off season vegetables in plastic house
  6. To produce various types of off season vegetables
  7. To manage diseases and pests of off season vegetables
  8. To minimize post harvest losses of off season vegetables
  9. To manage storage of off season vegetables
  10. To perform marketing of off season vegetables
  11. To maintain various types of records applicable in off season vegetable production
  12. To communicate with others concerned
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Salient features

Duration: The total duration of this curricular program will be 390 hours [ three months ]

Target group: The target group for this training will be all the interested individuals of the country with academic qualification of grade ten pass. 

Group size: The group size of this training program will be not more than 30 

Target location: The target location of this training program will be all over Nepal. 

Medium of Instruction: The medium of instruction for this training program will be Nepali or English or both. 

Pattern of attendance: The trainees should have 80% attendance in theory classes and 90% in Practical (Performance) to be eligible for internal assessment and final examinations. 

Focus of the program: This is a competency based curriculum. This curriculum emphasizes on competent performance of the task specified in it. Not less than 80% time is allotted to the competencies and not more than 20% to the related technical knowledge. So, the main focus will be on the performance of the specified competencies/tasks /skills included in this curriculum. 

Follow up suggestion: This is not a training program only for training sake. The ultimate success of this program will rest on the proficiency of the graduates of this training program in providing services in the community either by wage employment or by self-employment.

In order to assess the success of this program and collect feedbacks/inputs for the revision of the program, a schedule of follow up is suggested as follows:-

  1. First follow up: - Six months after the completion of the training program.
  2. Second follow up: - Six months after the completion of the first follow up.
  3. Follow up cycle: - In a cycle of one year after the completion of second follow up for five years

Certificate requirement: The related training institute will provide the certificate of “Off season vegetable producer” to those individuals who successfully complete all the tasks with their related technical knowledge specified in this curriculum.

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Entry criteria:

Individuals who meet the following criteria will be allowed to enter in this curricular program: 

  • Five grade pass
  • Physically and mentally fit
  • Age : 16-25 years
  • Preference will be given to female, Dalit, Janjati, and Conflict affected people

Curricular structure

Modules and Sub Modules

Module: 1: Site, soil, fertilizer, and nursery management 

Sub module: 1: Site for off season vegetable cultivation 
Sub module: 2: Soil and fertilizer management 
Sub module: 3: Nursery management

Module: 2: Off season vegetable production 

Sub module: 1: Off season vegetable production technology
Sub module: 2:Vegetable production in plastic house 
Sub module: 3: Production of off season vegetables

Module: 4: Disease and pest management 

Module: 5: Storage and post harvest loss control 

Sub module: 1: Post harvest loss control 
Sub module: 2: Storage of off season vegetables 

Module: 6: Marketing, recording and communication 

Sub module: 1: Marketing of off season vegetables 
Sub module: 2: Records management
Sub module: 3: Communication 

Curriculum of Off Season Vegetable Producer.pdf