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1 year(s)6 month(s)

Pre-Diploma in Forestry is designed to produce entry level workforce in Forestry sector. The graduates will be equipped with required knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to this level to meet the demand of the country on the reservation of the community forests and the species. This curriculum focuses on practical skills in which trainees involve in the real work practice. This program combines On-the-Job Training with academic instruction for those entering the workforce. OJT help individuals put their academic skills to practical use in various careers.

The program extends over 18 months. Theoretical and basic practical skills will be provided inhouse classes for twelve months in training institutes. The trainees acquire theoretical knowledge and do practical in the training institutes. In every subject, topical explanations will be followed by demonstrations and in real field practice accompanied by the instruction of instructors.

After completing the 12 months classes in training institutes, students are placed in On the Job Training in the Government and/or Community Forest related organizations for 6 months where they get workplace based practical exposure along with theoretical inputs necessary for the sector under the direct supervision of their supervisors.


The program aims to educate and train the quality basic level forestry technical personnel required for livelihood improvement of community through the participatory methods in association with the government organizations and community forestry user groups. 

Programme Objectives

This curriculum has the following objectives to:

1. prepare basic level forestry technicians who are able to work as Forester in different level of forestry related government and nongovernment organizations
2. produce quality human resources to provide effective technical services in public and private forests as well as protected areas
3. meet the demand of such technical workforce for the Forestry sector of Nepal
4. provide extensive field based experiences to meet specific and growing needs of different forestry stakeholders
5. prepare such technical workforce who will demonstrate positive attitude and respect for the profession and socio-cultural values
6. create self-employment opportunities immensely 

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Salient features

Course Duration: The total duration of this curricular program is 18 months including 6 months On the Job Training (OJT). Moreover, one academic year consists of maximum of 40 academic weeks and one academic week consists of maximum 40 hours excluding evaluation period.

Group size: The group size will be maximum of 40 (forty) in a batch. 

Medium of Instruction: The medium of instruction will be in English and/or Nepali language.

Pattern of Attendance: The students should have 90% attendance in theory classes and practical/industrial practice to be
eligible for internal assessments and final examinations.


Individuals who meet the following criteria are allowed to enter into this program:

  • SEE pass
  • Students should pass entrance examination administered by CTEVT