Post Graduate Diploma in Police Science

Post Graduate Diploma in Police Science

Post Graduate Diploma ·
1 year

Postgraduate Diploma in Police Sciences (PGDPS) is a special purpose program in semester system designed to impart professional education to the students. Post Graduate Diploma in Police Science (PGDPS) is a two semester, 30 credit hours program extended over a 10 months duration. 

The mission of PGDPS is to develop socially responsible, creative and result oriented police professionals to fill up the middle level positions in police organization of Nepal. 

The course provides a professional qualification indicating the achievement of intellectual skills and comprehensive knowledge and undertaking of general and specialized areas of police service.

The newly recruited police inspectors are required to undertake this program.

This program has been divided into two major components. The first component of PGDPS covers Credit Courses. The second component constitutes non-credit courses which is absolutely administered by NPA.


The rationale of PGDPS Program can be attributed to the following basic concerns: Necessity to modify the old training systems of Nepal Police in present situation. Strategic Plans of Nepal Police to establish the National Police Academy as a Centre for Excellence.

Objectives of the Program:

  • Increase and enhance the standard of present training module.
  • Boost up the morale of trainees.
  • Produce qualified and well trained Police Officers for Nepal Police.

Salient Features

Graduation Requirements

  • Successful completion of 30 credit hours as prescribed with minimum passing grade in all courses with an aggregate semester grade of 2.0 or letter Grade of C.
  • Completion of the program must occur within the time limit as prescribed by Tribhuvan University 

Curricular Structure

Credit Course

Semester- I

S.No.     Course Code     Course Title

  1. PSC 401     Foundations of Public Affairs Management 
  2. PSC 402     Basic Police Administration 
  3. PSC 403     Police Operations Management 
  4. PSC 404     Emerging Issues in Policing 
  5. PSC 405     Constitutional and Legal Studies in Nepal

Semester - II

S. No.     Course Code    Course Title 

  1. PSC 406     Research Methodology in Police Science 
  2. PSC 407     Strategic Management 
  3. PSC 408     Crime Management 
  4. PSC 409     Crime Investigation 
  5. PSC 410     Special Case Investigation

Non Credit Courses: 

  1. Forensic Science
  2. Primary Parade 
  3. Armed Parade
  4. Police Tactics & Field Craft
  5. Musketry & Firing 
  6. Special Skills Development 
  7. Public Order Management
  8. Physical Endurence & Confidence Building

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