Post Graduate Diploma in Buddhist Studies

Post Graduate Diploma in Buddhist Studies

Post Graduate Diploma
1 year

Post Graduate Diploma in Buddhist Studies is taught under Tribhuvan University in colleges. Post Graduate Diploma in Buddhist Studies is a 10-month long bridge course for the students who have not studied Buddhist studies in B.A. and intend to join the M.A. course on Buddhist Studies.

The total credit for the course will be 500 marks which is divided into five subject:

  1. History of Buddhism and Buddhist Literature
  2. Buddhist Religion and Philosophy
  3. Buddhist Art, Architecture, Iconography And Script
  4. Buddhist culture and traditions in Nepal
  5. Essay
General Objectives
The main objectives of this course is to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the origin and development of Buddhism in general with special reference to the introduction and evolution of Buddhism in Nepal. It also aims to impart the students with the knowledge how it (Buddhism) developed into a complex religious system during the medieval period, particularly after the inception of Mahayana and Vajrayana Schools in the country.
People of Nepal widely practiced Buddhism in ancient and medieval periods. They have developed a vast literature, social, cultural and ritual traditions and have preserved the social norms and moral values. These values and educational patterns have firmly preserved their distinctive religious-cultural traditional will be areas to be studies under the course of the "Post Graduate diploma in Buddhist Studies" to popularize these traditions for a better future of Buddhist academic tradition in the Kingdom of Nepal.
The Buddhists of Nepal have over the ages made laudable contributions by making Stupas, Wood-works, Painting, etc. as exceptional repositories of Nepal.
They reflect the artistic genius of the Buddhist architects, craftsmen, painters, woodcarvers which is the visible document of highest-standard cultural and religious tradition of Nepal. They have even today become the prima-facie course of the development of tourism in the kingdom.
Education about these splendid traditions will be given to the students by acquainting them with various aspects of Nepalese Buddhism and help preserve the Buddhist Cultural traditions of the country. This course will help to have deeper interactions with the Buddhist countries of the world for a better academic exchange in the days ahead.
This course has been divided into five papers, each paper of 100 marks. Where the paper had been divided into two groups containing heterogeneous course contents, separate papers and copies will be given to the students at the time of examination and the students will have to write answers on the two groups in two separate answer books.
The first four papers are of 150 teaching hrs. The fifth paper will be essay writing. The students will have to write an essay in the examination hall as per the rules of Tribhuvan University.


Entrance Qualification
A candidate having a degree of graduation from Tribhuvan University (T.U) or any other university recognized by Tribhuvan University, Nepal, can apply for entry in "P.G. Diploma in Buddhist Studies" program of T.U. One has to appear in the entrance examination and the selection is made on the basis of merit.

Curricular Structure

The Post-graduate Diploma in Buddhist Studies is completed in one academic year.  


  1. History of Buddhism and Buddhist Literature
  2. Buddhist Religious and Philosophy
  3. Buddhist Art. Architecture, Iconography and Script
  4. Buddhist Culture and Traditions in Nepal
  5. Essay