MSc Nutrition and Dietetics

MSc Nutrition and Dietetics

2 years

M.Sc in Nutrition and Dietetics is a two years, 4 semesters program of Purbanchal University. Nutrition education is the most widely used nutritional measure with the intension of producing changes in food consumption practices for nutrition improvement in the dietary habit. Msc. in Nutrition & Dietetics is an emerging subject having global importance.  

Master of Nutrition and Dietetics provides professional education for dietitians and nutritionists. It builds on major concepts from the study of human biochemistry and physiology to discuss the roles of all nutrients, nutritional contents of food and diet in health and disease. The program includes all the units of study to ensure you reach dietetics competence including public health, medical nutrition therapy, food service management, communication, management, and research and evaluation.

As of now, there are no universities / college for teaching, learning and research in nutritional science in Nepal. Furthermore, numerous medical colleges, nursing homes and hospitals have come into existence since the past few decades but there are very few diet experts.

Objectives and Scope:

• Generate eligible professionals in the field of nutrition and dietetics.

• Meet the current need of nutritionist and dietitian of the nation.

• Help people living in rural area to overcome the malnutrition and nutrition related problems and  diseases.

• Conduct high-level research in the field of nutritional sciences.

• Participate in coordinated community nutrition program with the cooperation of other disciplines and agencies where feasible and necessary in government, NGO and INGOs.

• Disseminate nutrition advisory and consultancy services and nutrition education to the public.


The Candidate must have passed four years Bachelor degree in Science or Technology based curriculum B.Tech. or B.Sc. (Food/Dairy), B.Sc. Nutrition, B.Sc. Nursing, PBN, Bachelor of Public Health, B.Sc (Ag.), B.V.SC. & A.H., B.Sc. Biochemistry, B.Sc. Biotechnology, Bachelor of Pharmacy, MBBS or equivalent degree from any recognized University with minimum 50% marks or CGPA 2.40 (C+ grade) in aggregate.

In case of foreign certificate, student should submit equivalent certificate and grading of each subject with CGPA or total percentage document from concerned authority.

Curricular Structure

Semester-wise Curricular Breakdown for MSc. in Nutrition and Dietetics.

TC: Theory Credit (37) | PC: Practical Credit (24)

                    MSc. in Nutrition and Dietetics First Semester Curricular Structure
Course Title TC PC Total Credit
Human Physiology 2 1 3
Nutritional Biochemistry 3 1 4
Life Cycle Nutrition 2 1 3
Advanced Nutrition Analysis 1 1 2
Food Safety Management 1 1 2
Nutrition Education 2 0 2
Food Science 2 0 2
Total 13 5 18
                  MSc. in Nutrition and Dietetics Second Semester Curricular Structure
Course Title TC PC Total Credit
Nutrition and Dietetics I 2 1 3
Food Toxicology 3 1 4
Advanced Microbiology 2 1 3
Functional and Bioactive Food Components 2 1 3
Food Ecology 2 0 2
Advanced Food Science 2 1 3
Total 13 5 18
                  MSc. in Nutrition and Dietetics Third Semester Curricular Structure
Course Title TC PC Total Credit
Nutrition and Dietetics II 2 1 3
Food, Nutrition Planning and Management 2 1 3
Food Service Management 1 1 2
Applied Nutrition and Epidemiology 2 1 3
Biostat and Research Methodology 3 0 3
Computer Application in Nutrition 1 1 2
Total 11 5 16
                  MSc. in Nutrition and Dietetics Fourth Semester Curricular Structure
Course Title TC PC Total Credit
Internship in Hospital/ Community 0 2 2
Class Seminar/ Project Work 0 1 1
Nutritional Research 0 6 6
Total 0 9 9