MCh GI Surgery - BPKIHS


Medicine and Health Care

3 year(s)

The MCh program of B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences is of 3 years duration. The final examinations will be held between 34 and 36 months after the commencement of the course. The maximum time limit to complete the course is 6 years from the date the course started.

Number of seats in MCH GI surgery is two (one Open and one FDP category)

Salient features


The MCh student shall be paid a monthly subsistence allowance equal to the salary of a Senior Resident only for three academic years. The allowance is subject to tax deduction as per rules and regulations of the Government of Nepal. No other emoluments are given.

The in-service FDP candidates will get their own salary or salary of Senior Resident, whichever is more.

Note: The DM/MCh students get one-time thesis grant of Rs 10,000


The MCh resident shall work in all three areas namely service, research and teaching/learning under supervision as per the rules and regulations of BPKIHS. In addition, he/she is required to attend classes or other duties as stipulated in the curriculum. The MCh resident must strictly follow hospital duties, e.g. emergency, night duties, and other academic assignments. He/she will be required to be involved in teaching undergraduate and post graduate students. The resident will be posted at Teaching District Hospitals for community-based teaching learning as per academic rules. No extra emoluments are given during the district hospital postings.

The resident may be posted in other institutions for completing the respective DM/MCh curriculum. In such postings, student has to bear all the costs themselves including institutional charges, lodging, boarding, etc. The resident must strictly adhere to the code of conduct as per the rules and regulations applicable to the students of BPKIHS.


Accommodation to the residents will be provided by BPKIHS as per the rules. If both husband and wife are selected, only one accommodation unit will be provided. In case the candidate is already an employee or a spouse of BPKIHS employee, no separate accommodation will be provided. Accommodation will be provided on the basis of availability.

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Candidates who meet the following eligibility criteria can apply for MCh Entrance Examination for admission to MCh.

  • For MCh in GI Surgery, a candidate must possess MS in General Surgery recognized by NMC
  • Registered with Nepal Medical Council (NMC) for undergraduate and post graduate degree.