Master's in Tourism Infrastructure

Master's in Tourism Infrastructure


Master's in Tourism Infrastructure is the newly launched program of Madan Bhandari University of Science and Technology.

Program Aim

The program has been designed to provide graduates with:

  1. Solid foundation on the fundamentals in tourism, including its history, trends and prospects
  2. Understanding of the attributes of Nepal's tourism infrastructure: types, status, database, and demand
  3. Systems thinking skills related to the planning, development and execution of tourism infrastructures and services
  4. Project engineering skills related to the planning, design, and construction of tourism infrastructures
  5. Knowledge of latest research analysis and computer programming tools, such as AI, data analytics and modeling.
  6. First-hand knowledge of tourism sector through field trips, internships, and collaborative projects.
  7. Exposure to frontier science and technology developments through interactions with leading scientists from around the world.

Learning Outcomes

The graduates specialized in tourism infrastructure will demonstrate the following capabilities:

  1. Independent research or experimentation on tourism infrastructure and services
  2. Critical analysis of source material, experimental results, published works
  3. Systems thinking to engineer the tourism sector and its components
  4. Vision for the advancement of technological and innovative processes applicable in tourism sector for economic growth, employment opportunity and sustainability
  5. Production of well written thesis with systematic identification of a problem, and application of knowledge and skills necessary to arrive at a rational solution
  6. Presentation and publication of the study and research outcomes
  7. Team building and leadership skills for applied research and innovation.


4-year Bachelor's in science/engineering/technology subjects with CGPA of 2.75/4.0 (or international equivalent).

Admission Criteria

Documents Required

Mandatory documents

1. Academic transcripts

  • Bachelor's level for Master's level application
  • Bachelor's for PhD application
  • Master's level for PhD application
  • Secondary school transcript (grade 12)
  • Secondary Education Examination transcript (grade 10)

2. Research statement

3. Personal statement

4. CV

Optional documents

1. Publication list

2. Experience certificates

3. Additional transcripts

4. Other documents (not more than five)