MA in Folklore and Cultural Studies

MA in Folklore and Cultural Studies

2 years


Folklore is the study of human creation that continues from generation to generation. It is the foundation of the identity of the folk groups. It comprises the oral traditions (folk tales, folk epics, folk ballads, oral poetry, proverbs, and sayings), performing arts (music, dance, drama, games), beliefs and practices (customs, religions, rituals, festivals, etc.) As well as the knowledge and production of material culture (vernacular architecture, furniture, household items, foodways, etc.) Most of these topics are also included in the intangible cultural heritage with traditional knowledge. The emerging discipline of cultural studies helps to explain how the groups create and transform individual experiences, social relations, and power. 


This syllabus of Masters of Arts in Folklore and Cultural Studies is designed for main folklore and cultural studies to provide knowledge and skills to enable the students to work for the preservation and promotion of folklore and intangible cultural heritage of Nepal. As a multi-cultural country, Nepal has given prime importance to protect and promote the folklore and intangible cultural heritage of the country. The courses contained in this syllabus will enable the students to be able to work in the areas of heritage conservation, promotion of traditional arts and crafts, environmental protection, teaching, research, and local development projects. The Master of Arts in Folklore and Cultural Studies syllabus also contains courses on cultural studies to extend their field of the interdisciplinary study of culture. The courses on archaeology, cultural anthropology, and history are also introduced to enable the students to understand and work effectively in the related fields of human culture.


Students who have completed Bachelor's Degree or equivalent are eligible for admission to Masters of Arts in Folklore and Cultural Studies of Mid-Western University.

Job Prospects

Postgraduates are equipped for a wide range of jobs including careers in heritage and culture industries such as material archivists or education officers, in libraries, museums, tourism, arts organizations, the publishing industry, and funding agencies.

Curricular Structure

Syllabus of MA in Folklore and Cultural Studies


Code Course title  Credit
FCS-511 Introduction to Folklore 3
FCS-512 Anthropological Approaches to Folklore and Culture 3
FCS-513 Folklore Theories and Methodologies 3
FCS-514  Oral Traditions 3
FCS-515 Performing Arts 3
FCS-516  Academic Writings 3


Code Course title  Credit
FCS-521 Folk Beliefs, Rituals and Customs 3
FCS-522 Material Culture 3
FCS-523  Communication, Language and Media 3
FCS-524 Cultural Theories and Popular Culture 3
FCS-525  Introduction to Archaeology 3
FCS-526 Research Methodology 3


Code Course title  Credit
FCS-531  South Asian Folklore 3
FCS-532 Cultural Studies: Theory and Practice 3
FCS-533 Folklore Fieldwork and Documentation 3
FCS-534 Folklore of Nepal-1 (East, Province 1, 2, 3) 3
FCS-535* Ethno-botany 3
FCS-536* Sociolinguistics and Nepalese Languages 3
FCS-537*  Folklore Project 3


Code Course title  Credit
FCS-541 History of Nepal: Oral, Social and Political 3
FCS-542 Traditional Knowledge 3
FCS- 543 Natural and Cultural Heritage Conservation 3
FCS-544 Folklore of Nepal-2 (West, Province 4, 5, 6, 7) 3
FCS-545 Folklore and Cultural Tourism 3
FCS-546 Dissertation 6

* These are elective course