Diploma in Forestry

Diploma in Forestry

3 years

Diploma in Forestry (I.Sc Forestry) curriculum is based on the development of both effective and efficient forestry service providers as professionals for fulfilling the present forestry needs of people with its socio-cultural impacts on national and community forest management. The approach will focus on addressing second-generation issues of present forestry sector such as in community forestry management, soil conservation and watershed management wild life and protected area management etc.

This field has been helping the world for the overall development and it has been creating wage and self employment opportunities both in public and private sectors. This curriculum is designed with the purpose of producing middle level forestry technical human resources required for livelihood improvement of community through the participatory methods in association with the community forestry user groups.

The knowledge and skills incorporated in this curriculum will be helpful to deliver the individual needs as well as national needs in the field of Forestry including community forestry,soil conservation and watershed management,wild life conservation and protected area management etc.

Programme objectives:

This curriculum of Diploma in Forestry has following objectives to:

  • Prepare forestry technicians who are able to work as ranger in different level of forestry related government and nongovernment organization;
  • Produce quality human resources to provide technical and managerial services in public and private forests as well as protected Areas
  • Develop competency in forestry enterprises
  • Provide extensive field based experiences to meet specific and growing needs of different forestry stakeholders


Salient Features


The total duration of this curricular program is three years. One academic year consists of maximum of 39 academic weeks, and one academic week consists of maximum of 40 hours.

Target group:

The target group for this programme will be all interested individuals who passed School Leaving Certificate (SLC) with English, Science, and Mathematics or equivalent and related Technical School Leaving Certificate (TSLC).

Group size:

The group size will be maximum of 40 (Forty eight) in a batch.

Medium of instruction:

The medium of instruction will be in English and/or Nepali.

Pattern of attendance:

Minimum of 90% attendance in each subject is required to appear in the respective final examination.

Pass marks:

The pass marks for theory and practical examinations are:

  • 40% in theory examination
  • 60% in practical examination

Grading system:

The overall achievement of each student will be measured by a final aggregate percentage of all final semester examinations and graded as follow: -

The following grading system will be adopted:

  • Distinction: 80% and above
  • First division: 65% to below 80%
  • Pass division: 40% in theory and 60% in practical (Pass aggregate to below 65%)


Certification and degree awards:

Students who have passed all the components of all subjects of all three years are considered to have successful completion of the course.

Students who have successfully completed the course will be awarded with a degree of Diploma in Forestry (I. Sc. Forestry)


Secured at least grade C in any two subjects i.e. Compulsory Mathematics, Compulsory Science or English and D+ in the remaining subject in School leaving Certificate (SLC) examination from recognized academic institution.


Admission Criteria

  • Should submit SLC or equivalent certificate
  • Should pass entrance examination as administered by CTEVT


Applicants fulfilling the entry criteria will be selected for admission on the basis of merit.

Job Prospects

The graduates would also be eligible to apply for the entrance examination administered by the Institute of Forestry (IOF) to study Bachelor’s degree in forestry under Tribhuvan University and similarly they will be eligible for the position equivalent to Non-gazetted 1st class (technical) as Ranger or as prescribed by the Public Service Commission of Nepal. The graduate will be eligible for registration with the related Council in the grade as provisioned in the related Council Act (if any).

Curricular Structure

This course is based on the job required to be performed by a middle level forestry technician in different forestry institutions of Nepal. The Diploma in Forestry extends over 3 years. The first year focuses on basic sciences and fundamental subjects related to forestry, the second year focuses on forestry related disciplinary subjects, and the third year insists on disciplinary subjects as well as the application of learned skills and knowledge through the Field Practice.

The foundational subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany and Mathematics being offered in diffusion model of curricular program are applicable in the field of Forestry. It also includes language subjects like Nepali and English applicable for the communication in the same area. The course structure and the subject wise content that reflect the details of this curriculum. In brief, this curriculum will guide to its implementer to produce competent and highly employable middle level technical workforce in the field of forestry.

The content of individual subjects prescribed in the curriculum are incorporated in the light of "must know and must do” and further elaborated with “should to know and should to do” principle of knowledge and skills for this level.