Bachelor in Liberal Arts and Sciences

Bachelor in Liberal Arts and Sciences

4 years

Bachelor in Liberal Arts and Sciences (BLAS) is a four-year (eight-semester) 120 credit hours undergraduate program with a multidisciplinary curriculum. Courses have been selected from various key areas and rest of the general courses enhances the five different core areas. A liberal arts education is appropriate for a broad range of careers in addition to being a precursor to programs at Master and Doctorate levels or professional degrees.

Program Objective

The BLAS program aims to develop students into socially responsive professionals capable of handling problems and challenges facing the contemporary society. The program aims at developing socialized professionals capable of taking modern challenges in the world of media and development. The course has been designed in such a manner that students can pursue higher level studies in Economics, Management, Political Science, Sociology, History, English Literature, Human Rights, Culture, Mass Communication, Conflict Management & Peace, and Psychology.

Specific Objectives:

  • To develop students’ mental flexibility through the practice of the skills in critical thinking, analysis and synthesis
  • To enhance students’ communication abilities through the development of reading, thinking, writing and speaking
  • To inculcate analytical abilities of students in integrating information, ideas and opinions from a variety of sources and multidisciplinary perspectives
  • To develop regional and global perspectives through a study of cultures, languages, societies, economies and political systems
  • To develop specialized human resources capable of taking challenges and utilizing opportunities in the fields of media and development

Career Prospects:

Liberal Arts and Sciences graduates can join the workforce as managers and leaders with valuable marketable attributes. For example, a BLAS graduate may join a private corporation to work as a media professional or other sectors such as public policy, development, administration, human resources management, marketing and records management, welfare sector, academics and so on. Opportunities in tourism, diplomatic missions, I/NGOs, financial institutions, research and other unexplored areas are suitable for BLAS graduates.