In addition to traditional lectures, the BSc CSIT program at Texas International College includes a significant amount of practical and project work. The curriculum teaches the fundamental principles of computer science and information technology and demonstrates how these principles may be applied to real-world issues. This curriculum fosters the development of abilities required by both computer professionals and IT specialists.

When compared to the typical computer environment, the design and execution of the B.Sc. CSIT course presents unique obstacles. The recent rise of global commerce, new technologies for data processing, and a data communication / networking environment have prepared specialized scientific graduates to pursue professional positions in information technology. The B.Sc. CSIT programme offers students with sufficient theoretical and practical expertise to enable them to actively participate in the solution of difficult problems in the IT sector.

Entry Requirement

  • Should have successfully completed a twelve year of schooling in the science stream or equivalent from any university, board or institution recognized by TU.
  • Should have secured a minimum of second division in their +2 or equivalent.
  • Should have successfully passed the entrance examination conducted by TU securing at least 35% marks.
  • Compiled with all the application procedures.
  • All three: Biology, Physical and Computer group students of +2 level are eligible to apply for the course.
  • A student eligible to study the B.Sc. CSIT course should collect and submit the admission form from any of the B.Sc. CSIT colleges. The admission form generally opens during Shrawan or Bhadra every year.