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The Master of Computer Science at Texas College of Management and IT prepares students to enter the vast world of Computer Science, the master’s program in computer science provides a broad education in computer science with the possibility to specialize in different subjects. You will learn the methods for constructing computer programs, including theoretical foundations and the practical ability to develop products and systems. During the program, you will meet prominent guest lecturers from the industry and guest lecturers from other universities. With our International degree from Lincoln University College, the horizon becomes vast and wider. Moreover, with National and International exposure and hands-on professional courses and specializations, we add value to their career potential and job probability. Texas College of Management and IT boasts of 100% Industrial Internship placement to its students.

With an international certified career coach in-house, we assist students for job placements on completion of courses and programs as well. This adds value to their entire learning experience.

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