It is a 4-years Bachelor's Degree with eight semesters recently launched by Tribhuvan University. The main mission of this course here at PNC is to prosper the student with the sound theoretical concepts of computer science and application keeping the latest research and innovation in mind. The course structure of BCA is one of the most updated and dynamic courses in the world. It includes special projects on 4th, 5th and 8thsemester. These projects will be carried out in collaboration with IT industry and academia. On-the-job training opportunity for the final semester's students in the form of Internship is another feature of BCA.

Why BCA @ PNC?

PASCAL focuses on skillful education that can bridge the gap between core academic courses and the latest skills sought by IT industries. Despite regular academic courses, PNC provides a wide range of professional courses as a non-credit to BCA students throughout the semesters. We have a great pool of IT experts from IT industry and Academia who will deliver the foundations of real-world projects to student as a part of non-credit course. These courses will be a state of art to our students in this era of cutting-edge technologies.