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The BHM program will produce graduates for various sectors of the hospitality industry like hotels, lodges, food catering services to hospitals, airlines, and cabin services. Apart from these areas, the BHM graduate will have direct job opportunities in the tourism, travel, and hotel industry: food and beverages sector, housekeeping, front office management, sales, marketing, human resource management, and account keeping. 

  • To produce sincere, morally upright, dedicated, decent, qualified, hardworking graduates with pleasant personalities needed to cater services in the hospitality industry. 
  • To enrich students with effective and excellent communication skills and dedicated to provide services to the guest at their workplace and 
  • industry
  • To produce students competent enough to hold the supervisory position in the hotels and catering industry 
  • To cater technical and social knowledge to the students require handle professional jobs in hotels and catering service sectors. 
  • To make students capable to operate business effectively and efficiently 
  • To explore inherent entrepreneurial capacity of students to successfully commence, operate and manage business in hospitality and allied fields 
  • To develop students' ethics, attitudes and behaviors required to operate a profession and business


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