Infrastructure in Nepal Engineering College (nec)

Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Center

ICT center consists of hardware and software facilities needed for information and communication. These include computer and network hardware, communication middleware as well as necessary software. The Windows and Linux-based Computer Laboratories, seven in number, are managed by the ICT center which provides an opportunity for the students to experiment with readymade software and develop their own software during and after the class hours. The students can access the information through unlimited internet access and Wi-Fi connectivity within the nec premises.

Lab Upgrades 

Recent lab upgrades for Civil Engineering has been accomplished 

  1. Three hinged arch and bending moment set up are replaced by new ones and are used for structure analysis practical.
  2. Three new Smart Road software has been recently added for the final year road project.

Research Centers 

The following research centers established within the nec umbrella are involved in research, development, and promotional activities: 

  1. Center for Research in Social Defense Technology (CRSDT) 
  2. Computer Technology and Robotonix Club (CTRC) 


nec library provides the ambiance of learning for the students and faculty. There is a collection of more than 35000 books and references on wide-ranging subjects in engineering, technology, basic and applied sciences, social sciences, language, and culture. The library has been essentially serving nec students and faculty and also professionals and researchers from outside. The computerized catalog system allows easy retrieval of textbooks and other references. 


On-Campus Accommodation 

nec runs a girls' hostel able to accommodate 70 students. The hostel has needed amenities for a simple decent living. The Girls' hostel is supervised by a senior resident lady administrative staff. 

Off-Campus Accommodation 

Students may opt for private accommodation available at Duwakot, Jhaukhel, Changunarayan, and Mulpani which lie within a one km radius of the college. Rents vary depending upon the amenities available. More information on off-campus accommodation can be obtained from the college administration. 


nec is managing two cafeterias that serve meals, snacks, and beverages, catering to a variety of tastes and preferences at a reasonable cost. In addition to the college cafeterias, a number of entrepreneurs operate eateries close to the college premises that serve food, snacks, and beverages to the students and staff. 

Coffee Shop

A coffee shop, located within the premise of academic block A, serves tea, coffee, soft drinks, and a bakery to the college community. This has been a convenient place for someone looking for quick refreshment. 

Transportation Facility 

A fleet of buses managed by the college provides transportation to the students, faculty, and staff. The buses operate from designated locations along prescribed routes, covering major locations of student concentration in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Kritipur, and Kavre. Students are required to obtain a bus pass, upon payment of the prescribed fees to use the college buses for daily commuting.

nec Clinic 

nec Clinic provides health care services to students and employees, including minor injuries and first aid treatment. 

Health Care Scheme 

All students at nec are insured for NRS. 100.000,00 (one hundred thousand) to cover the expenses for major ailments and injuries.

nec Alumni Association (necAA) 

Nepal Engineering College Alumni Association (necAA) is a body of graduates from nec, established with the objective of maintaining continued linkage with the graduates by keeping track of the where about and professional engagements and growth.