Civil Engineering enables people to design, construct and maintain manmade environments and also modify and maintain the natural environments. The development of a country is only possible if all parts of it are connected to each other and the resources of each part are easily transferable. Civil engineering makes such connection possible by developing roads, bridges, airports, canals, tunnels, and railways, and makes the development of each place possible by constructing buildings for houses, offices, schools, universities, hospitals, shopping malls, etc. Our undergraduate program in Civil Engineering enables you to become a leader and innovator of tomorrow’s complex world.

For civil engineering aspirants, we offer a wide range of courses including hydropower engineering, concrete technology, engineering geology, transportation engineering, soil mechanics, design of steel structures, and construction management. The knowledge developed through these theoretical foundations is strengthened by numerous practice-based teaching methodologies including practical studies, projects, workshops, competitions, and challenges. At Kathford, we vow to develop outstanding civil engineering graduates not only with professional and technical expertise but also with a passion to innovate, zeal to learn more, and strength to overcome any challenge they face.