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BBA is a business degree that equips you with excellent managerial skills combined with practical organizational skills and experience. The corporate world has become fiercely competitive, and people with mediocre managerial expertise have no place anymore. Our undergraduate program in business administration offers analytical skills, critical thinking capability, and expert business acumen.

Operations, branding, marketing and sales, human resources, business development, and finances are the most important aspects of any organization’s growth, and the broad curriculum of the BBA program at Kathford incorporates all these areas offering you an expert in each of them. The knowledge developed through these theoretical foundations is strengthened by numerous practice-based teaching methodologies including practical studies, projects, workshops, competitions, and challenges. At Kathford, we vow to develop outstanding management graduates not only with professional and technical knowledge and skills but also with a passion to innovate, zeal to learn more, and strength to overcome any challenge they face.

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