Student Life at Institute of Management Studies (IMS)

Workshops and Guest Lectures

IMS College believes in providing tremendous support to students through different workshops, seminars, and guest lectures. Experts from different backgrounds are frequently invited to share their experiences, knowledge, and skills with our students. By getting involved in these workshops, students develop their social and interpersonal skills. The purpose of these workshops and guest lectures is to inspire students to further explore it on their own. Students become familiar with the real world and build new relationships, and establish connections with like-minded people. These interactive sessions help students to deal with the real world effortlessly.

Tours and Recreations

National tours are organized by the IMS college where students travel to different places in Nepal. Nepal on its own is a country surrounded by high mountains and beautiful rivers. Also, it is a place where different cultures and languages exist. Students at IMS get a chance to explore these places and get to know every culture and tradition existing in the country. Along with these tours, students are also taken to different educational excursions, industries, and organizations and are informed about the structures of organizations. This will help the students adapt to the real world.


IMS promotes sports through different indoor and outdoor-sport activities. We thrive to support the best elements of competition, instruction, and recreation by providing the opportunity for all students to participate and excel in a team setting. We organize sports week and motivate students to participate in different college-level competitions organized by various organizations.