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Education is certainly one of Nepal biggest challenges and adequately addressed, would be the single most important factor to promote advances on several levels, be it related to the nation’s economy, social imbalances, political and ethical issues, also related to specific sectors, as for instance the entire SERVICE INDUSTRY, Hospitality, Catering, Airline and Tourism obviously included. It is known fact that our country is developing drastically and therefore it is known fact that Nepal is in urgent need of many more qualified people to meet the needs of the contemporary hospitality and catering industry.

We, as a new, young, dynamic and modern Hospitality School are committed to prepare our students for a brilliant Career with focus on top education.

Our School, internationally oriented, focuses on the balance between practical professional, academic and managerial experience. 

We understand that workplace experience is a critical factor for students when applying for a job. Therefore, for students, who are enrolled in one of our degree programs; our Management is committed assistance in placements for students to secure work in a world class environment for practical training.

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Himalayan College of Hospitality Management
Mahendrapool, Pokhara