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Bachelor of Business Management, a four year program affiliated to TU, ministers to the needs of aspiring business leaders and competent managers of the future. Student-centered teaching in the state-of-art calssrooms by experienced faculty at Everest College prepares globally competitive manpower.

Students should have passed the NEB +2 exam or equivalent and also must have cracked the CMAT examiantion to be eligible to apply.

Internal Evaluation

Internal Evaluation and grading include first and second assessments and pre-semester send-up test which consitutes 40% of the marks. The marking of internal evaluation of students performance has been divided into the following subdivisions:

  • I and II Assessments
  • Pre-semester Send-up Test
  • Attendance
  • Group Discussion
  • Homework/ Classwork
  • Field and Project Work
  • Presentations and Problem Solving
  • Discipline
  • Listening/Speaking/Reading/Writing

Scholarship Scheme

The top Scores in the TU Board Examination will get scholarships in each semester.

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