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Situated at the heart of the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, the Campus of International Languages (CIL) or Bishwo Bhasa Campus is the only language teaching campus under Tribhuvan University (TU), the oldest and highly regarded university in Nepal. This is the only campus in Kathmandu that teaches different languages. At present there are two language programs running in the campus -- the Himalayan Language Program, which includes Nepali, Sanskrit, Newari and Tibetan and the Foreign Language Program, which includes English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russian and Urdu. The CIL is also planning to add two more foreign languages to the list; they are Italian and Arabic.

Grammar.Language programs, other than English, are offered as a two-year course divided into four semesters. The first two semesters constitute 'Ordinary Level' and the last two semesters, 'Advanced Level'. In Nepali language program, there is also a Post-Advanced third year course which includes the study of Nepali Grammar, history, culture, and literature. The campus has also started a third year Japanese language course. English language program is divided into two levels called 'Basic English' and 'Advanced/Writing English'.

The Campus boasts of its well-trained and experienced faculty that include Nepalese as well as foreign nationals. It has native speakers to teach Himalayan Languages whereas foreign languages are taught either by Nepalese teachers or by foreign native speakers of the respective languages. Himalayan languages are offered only to foreign (non-Nepalese) students and the foreign languages only to Nepalese students.

About the CIL classrooms, each classroom has the facility for 30 students. The classrooms are well-furnished and they are well-equipped with modern audio-visual facilities. Students get knowledge of four basic language skills, namely, listening, speaking, reading, and writing (LSRW). Each semester is roughly divided into three equal parts by two internal assessment tests to evaluate how far the students have learnt the skills. And each semester is concluded with final examinations. Students must secure at least 60% marks in each exam to get promotion to higher-level courses. The following are the test titles:

  1. Reading Comprehension, Composition and Dictation.
  2. Listening Comprehension and Reading / Recitation.
  3. Viva-voce / Oral.

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