Science Technicians

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Science and Technology

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When you think of science, do you imagine a complex chemistry experiment complete with test tubes, beakers, and flasks? Or maybe you see a large radio telescope, scanning the sky for signs of alien intelligence.

Science technicians maintain complicated instruments like these and make sure that experiments run smoothly.

Science technicians focus on the practical matters of scientific experimentation and research. They maintain equipment and instruments, record data, and help scientists calculate results and draw conclusions.

Did You Know?

Science technicians master the equipment in a lab so that they can tell when something’s not working and make the proper adjustments.

Are You Ready To...?

  • Work with radioactive materials, disease-causing bacteria, or dangerous chemicals
  • Work in a laboratory
  • Write reports
  • Occasionally work odd hours when monitoring an experiment

It Helps To Be...

Someone who is interested not just in scientific theories but also in the way science is conducted. If you like working with equipment and keeping things in order, this may be the job for you.

Make High School Count

  • Take as many courses in math and science as you can.
  • Choose college-preparatory courses, since employers prefer to hire technicians with at least a two-year college degree.
  • Sign up for computer courses. You’ll be using computers along with sophisticated lab equipment.
  • Compete in a science fair.

Did You Know?

Science technicians work in research labs, but also in industries like manufacturing and food processing.