Environmental Inspectors

Last updated December 31, 2014

Do you have a passion for nature and an interest in the law? Environmental inspectors combine the skills of scientists and law enforcement officers.

In this field, you'll make sure organizations, such as factories, construction companies, and electric companies, follow government rules designed to protect the environment and public health. You'll do this by making routine inspections, investigating complaints, and reporting those who break laws. You'll test air, water, and soil samples and study the results. The work you'll do is key to protecting the environment.

Environmental inspectors make sure that organizations follow environmental regulations.

Did You Know?

If you earn a certificate in conservation law enforcement, you'll be more competitive in the job market.

Are You Ready To...?

  • Read maps, charts, graphs, and technical documents
  • Communicate with a wide variety of people
  • Issue warnings and citations to lawbreakers
  • Respond to emergencies, such as toxic spills
  • Wear hot, uncomfortable gear for protection from hazardous waste and noise
  • Testify in court

It Helps To Be...

A nature lover who is comfortable communicating with many types of people. You should also enjoy the sciences and math.

Make High School Count

  • Do your best in the physical sciences, such as algebra and chemistry.
  • Get a good grounding in the life sciences, such as biology and ecology.
  • Join the environmental club at your school or volunteer for a related government agency 

Did You Know?

Environmental inspectors may choose to specialize, in air pollution or water quality, for example.