Speech-Language Pathology Assistants

Last updated January 01, 2015

You may find the stuttering cartoon character Porky Pig amusing, but to many children and adults who stutter, he’s no joke. Speech-language pathology assistants work under the supervision of speech-language pathologists to help people control their stuttering or other speech problems. They work in settings that range from hospitals to schools, guiding clients through documented treatment plans.

Speech-language pathology assistants help people with a range of speech problems.

Are You Ready To...?

  • Take direction from supervising speech-language pathologists
  • Work directly with patients on speech exercises
  • Help speech-language pathologists screen patients
  • Keep records
  • Schedule appointments
  • Care for equipment
  • Keep client information confidential

It Helps To Be...

An excellent communicator who is compassionate and patient with a sincere interest in helping people.

Make High School Count

  • Take a broad range of classes -- including science courses -- all through high school.
  • Build strong communication skills in English and speech classes.
  • Study a foreign language so you’ll be able to reach out and communicate with a range of clients.
  • Volunteer at a community clinic, hospital, school, or nursing home.

Did You Know?

As a speech-language pathology assistant, you can't become a speech-language pathologist without going back to school and earning a master's degree.