Insurance Sales Agents

Last updated January 01, 2015

Insurance sales agents may offer various kinds of insurance or specialize in a specific type of policy, such as health and long-term-care, life, or property insurance. People often get some information online about insurance policies, but many still depend on insurance sales agents to advise them on what type of coverage they need and help them choose which policy will best protect them. And insurance companies depend on these salespeople to bring in a steady stream of customers.

Insurance sales agents help people and companies choose insurance policies that protect their lives, health, and property.

Did You Know?

Insurance sales agents who work for one insurance company are called captive agents. Those who work for insurance brokerages, selling insurance for several companies, are called independent insurance agents.

Are You Ready To...?

  • Seek out new customers
  • Keep in touch with old customers
  • Explain technical matters
  • Keep up with changes in the insurance world
  • Help customers settle insurance claims
  • Use computers
  • Keep records and prepare reports

It Helps To Be...

An outgoing, confident person. You'll need good communication skills to get and keep customers and to explain highly technical information. If you are flexible and enjoy continued learning, you'll be able to keep up with the ever-changing world of insurance.

Make High School Count

  • Do your best in math.
  • Sign up for business, accounting, and economics classes.
  • Study psychology and sociology to build your communication skills.
  • Learn a foreign language such as Spanish.
  • Take computer classes.
  • Develop your public speaking skills by running for student government or joining the debate team.
  • Find a summer sales job.

Did You Know?

More and more insurance sales agents -- especially those who sell life insurance -- also offer financial-planning services, such as retirement and estate planning.