General Office Clerks

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Just what is a clerk? That depends on the particular job and employer. If you work as a clerk for a mail-order company, for example, you might fill orders, making sure customers quickly receive the products they asked -- and paid -- for. On the other hand, if you work for a medical office, you’d probably spend a good deal of time filing patient information.

If office work is in your future, you might well start out as a clerk, working part-time like one out of every four clerks. This job is a good first rung on the office ladder.

General office clerks work in offices, providing a range of services from typing and data entry to filing and photocopying.

Did You Know?

With experience, clerks take on more responsibility. More advanced tasks include setting up spreadsheets and directing the work of lower-level clerks.

Are You Ready To...?

  • File
  • Type
  • Enter computer data
  • Use photocopiers and other office equipment
  • Prepare mailings
  • Proofread copies
  • Answer telephones
  • Deliver messages
  • Sort checks
  • Keep payroll records
  • Take inventory

It Helps To Be...

A good team player who pays attention to detail. You'll thrive if you are adaptable and versatile and able to perform various tasks as needed. Your solid interpersonal and analytical skills will help you not only do well in your job but advance to higher positions.

Make High School Count

  • Practice your keyboarding skills (and train yourself to type accurately, even if you're sending personal emails).
  • Sign up for business classes to build office skills.
  • Take an organized approach to your schoolwork -- keep an assignment book, take careful notes, and stick to a study schedule.
  • Work part-time in an office.
  • Sign up for psychology to learn more about good communication and human nature.
  • Learn a wide range of computer software programs.

Did You Know?

While full-time clerks usually work a standard forty-hour week, some work shifts or overtime during busy periods.