Engineering and Science Managers

  1. Description


Whether checking the work done by an engineer or directing a team of medical scientists on a biomedical project, engineering and science managers work on two levels at once.

Understanding complex science and math concepts is only the beginning. They also need to know how to translate those concepts to customers. And they use management skills to help the engineers and scientists they work with meet deadlines and complete projects.

Engineering managers oversee engineers, scientists, and technicians who design and develop machinery, products, and systems. Science managers direct the research and development projects of life and physical scientists.

Did You Know?

Most engineering managers begin their careers as engineers, while science managers begin as scientists.

Are You Ready To...?

  • Come up with project budgets
  • Set project goals
  • Hire scientists or engineers
  • Explain technical terms in non-technical language
  • Oversee a team of scientists working on, for example, a new corn hybrid
  • Direct the installation of new equipment in factories
  • Work more than forty hours a week to meet a project deadline

It Helps To Be...

Good at math and science and able to work well with people. You will be managing both individuals and teams of scientists or engineers.

Make High School Count

  • Take challenging science courses such as physics, biology, and chemistry and advanced math courses such as calculus.
  • Build strong writing and speaking skills in English, drama, and speech classes.
  • Get a head start in business courses.
  • Practice management skills by taking a leadership role in student government, clubs, or teams.

Did You Know?

Some natural science managers conduct their own research projects on top of managing those of others.