News Analysts, Reporters, and Correspondents

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Humanities and Social Sciences

If you’re a news junkie -- or just someone with insatiable curiosity -- a media job may be your calling. But be ready to fly by the seat of your pants, because some days you’ll feel like you’re part of a three-ring circus. 

News analysts, also called newscasters, interpret news from outside sources and broadcast it on radio or TV. Reporters gather the facts themselves, writing stories for print or broadcast. Correspondents serve a similar function, but are stationed in specific cities. Whatever your role, you’ll sweat bullets to gather the facts and deliver on deadline. But if you love the thrill of the chase and have strong communication skills, you may be made for this line of work.

News analysts, reporters, and correspondents gather information and prepare stories for broadcast (TV and radio), print (newspapers and magazines), and online media.

“Persistence pays in this business. Getting the story often means pestering someone, doing tons of research, or both.” Cathy, Newspaper Reporter

Are You Ready To...?

  • Report on breaking news
  • Deliver the goods under pressure
  • Be a quick study
  • Stay on top of the news
  • Work long, erratic hours
  • Concentrate in a noisy newsroom

It Helps To Be...

A news junkie who thrives on excitement. Covering the news is often hectic, even frantic. Being able to produce under pressure is also a must.

Make High School Count

  • Sharpen your writing and speaking skills through English, speech, and drama classes. Clear communication is the key to success in this line of work.
  • Sign up for computer class and get up to speed on word processing and graphic design programs. Some media jobs may require you to know a thing or two about computerized page layout. 
  • Write for the school newspaper and find out if this is really the career for you. 
  • Keep up with current events, using all kinds of media.
  • Start your own news blog.

Did You Know?

You’ll often need to become an overnight expert on the topic you’re covering. So get ready to think fast.